Well-known Communications Professional Underscores Focus and Perseverance

Kim Cherry Addresses the Collierville Women’s Leadership Network

Well-known communications professional Kim Cherry of Cherry & Co., a public relations and media company, addressed a packed room at the TMS Venue (Thomas Meat and Seafood) on Thursday, September 17 at the Collierville Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) meeting. Women’s Leadership Network meetings are sponsored by First Horizon. 

Molly Walker of First Horizon gave a brief testament to Cherry’s noteworthy career and thanked her for the mentorship she provided as Walker began her own professional path. Mark Heuberger, President of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce, introduced the speaker and briefly commented on his knowledge of Cherry’s experience, as he had the privilege of hiring her for her first professional communications job at Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division. 

Cherry’s remarks were relevant and to the point. She suggested that while previous speakers at the WLN had dramatic stories to offer, hers was one of perseverance and focus. Cherry briefly mentioned her childhood dream of following in the footsteps of an aunt who worked as a professional communicator in the banking industry. Cherry recounted how she made her way through educational ranks, taking advantage of opportunities along the way to enhance her communication skills. With each step along the professional path, she knew where she was headed.

Her talk was sprinkled with humorous stories from her own career in the banking industry and the challenges she faced along the way. Addressing the special challenges women may face in the corporate world, Cherry included interesting information about gender differences in communication and decision-making, and how the knowledge of these differences was important to recognize and to incorporate into their professional path up the corporate ladder. 

Cherry focused on the need to understand and determine personal goals and the importance of single-minded focus to make those dreams become reality. Her own career, from corporate communications professional to serving on the executive committee of First Horizon, provided testament to the power of such an approach. 

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