Truffle Pig: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Just a few years ago, entrepreneurs Tara Gorman and Tricia Atkins turned their hobbies into a career. What started as a vision is now Truffle Pig, a Collierville-based boutique, overflowing with local artists and handmade products. In this interview, we pick Tara’s creative brain, learning what inspired her to open Truffle Pig.

CHAMBER: So tell us, how did you come up with the name “Truffle Pig?” It’s so unique.

TARA: We wanted a name that people would remember, but was also meaningful. Truffles, the mushroom (not the chocolate) grow underground and are challenging to find. Certain kinds of pigs are trained to find them. Similarly, we are the store that finds one-of-a-kind products and treasures that you can’t find just anywhere else.

CHAMBER: What inspired you to open Truffle Pig?

TARA: Tricia and I had always dabbled in small business. For instance, just to name a couple of our enterprises, she monogrammed and I made belts. Somewhere along the way, we decided we wanted to do something bigger. Something we were passionate about. Something that would reach more people.

CHAMBER: What would you say makes Truffle Pig different from other boutiques?

TARA: The main difference is our customer service.  We pride ourselves on bringing people joy with every purchase. We want Truffle Pig to be a place where people come to buy pretty, meaningful things that will bring them joy.  

The second difference is our products. Whether it’s a lamp or a Hobo bag, each product in our store is carefully chosen for its quality, beauty, and meaning. Many of our lines give back to the community, which make them even more meaningful. Our store motto is “finding treasures, gifting joy.”  That is our goal everyday when we open our doors. 

CHAMBER: In your experience, what’s it like opening a business?

TARA: It’s hard work!  The “behind the scenes” work is much harder than we ever expected. Naturally, we have a huge respect for other business owners.

CHAMBER: Your store features a lot of local artists. Who are some of your favorites?

TARA: It would be impossible to choose a favorite. All of our artists are amazingly talented. We have jewelry makers, potters, and so many more. Our art is local, so you are supporting your neighbors twice when you shop with us.

CHAMBER: Are there any items any in particular you are really excited to carry this summer?

TARA: We have so many things to be excited about, it’s hard to choose just a few! Oliver Thomas bags are amazing. Scout is always a fun summer line. Julie Vos jewelry complements any summer outfit beautifully. 

And we can’t forget about Annie Sloan Paint. Yes, paint – the ultimate tool for updating a room! It is perfect for any summer project.

Stay in the know with all things Truffle Pig by visiting its website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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