Three reasons your business should get Knowticed!

Think about it – unless your business pays, your Facebook post will probably only reach about 5% of your followers. Only about 16% of your emails are likely to be opened. But with a new platform by a local entrepreneur, you’re eligible for a free listing that will reach up to 100% of the users who follow you!

What is Knowtice?

Knowtice is a new smartphone app which aims to improve how individuals and businesses communicate.

The Collierville Chamber of Commerce thinks all our members could benefit from a listing. Knowtice is ideal for people looking for a “one-stop shop” for all their reminders. Packed with community offerings, restaurant specials, your favorite organization’s info, events & more, users can choose what notifications they want and support local businesses. 

Here are three reasons your business should consider working with Knowtice. 

     1. It’s free for everyone. 

Knowtice is free for all end users, and it’s free for organizations to join. So how does the platform make money? Simple. When creating your profile, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade, if you wish, for just $30 per month or $250 per year. Upgrades allow you even more control over your content and the ability to enjoy 150 customizable tools to improve your communication. For example, a restaurant offering lunch specials may like to be in the “dine” category and the “coupons and specials” category. If they have a bar, they may also want to add the “drink” category. If they offer weekly lunch specials, they may prefer to push those menus to their followers as they’re released. Make it your platform!

     2. Your message will reach your audience more effectively.

Planning an event? Offering a special promotion? Organizations can swiftly upload this information through their online portal to promote happenings to their target audience. All your posts and events automatically populate into your audience’s visually descriptive calendar feed so they never miss what is important to them. Because there’s no algorithm dictating the rules, end-users have the freedom to control their content without annoying pop-up ads or other forced content, and organizations can reach up to 100% of their followers.

     3. The company supports colleges and students in our state. 

When organizations choose to upgrade, Knowtice’s philanthropic structure sends 40% of revenues back to students and colleges within our state. While building your upgraded profile, you will enter your state and select one of that state’s participating colleges as your beneficiary. The benefits continue every year that your organization remains a paying partner with Knowtice – no cutoff dates or expirations.

To learn more, email or visit to build your profile and get started today. 

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