NOMINEE NARRATIVES 2023: Entrepreneur of the Year

In our next Nominee Narrative series, the Entrepreneur of the Year Nominees all share an amazing purpose and mission in the Collierville business community. The Brooks Collection (Watty Brooks Hall), IMC Companies (Mark H. George), Maximus Building Supply (Richard Cooper), and Pickler Companies (David Pickler) are all fantastic honorees for this category.

The Brooks Collection (Watty Brooks Hall)

The Brooks Collection on Mulberry in the Historic Downtown Square will celebrate a quarter century of bringing unique gift items to Collierville this coming August. Watty Brooks Hall has a simple answer when it comes to what has driven her success. “I listen to the customer,” she says. From corner to corner of this small gift shop, customers know they’re always welcome to browse to their heart’s content, and when customers respond to a particular line of unique items, the store is quick to expand that line. Watty’s A-team of trusted employees, with her since the earliest days of the shop, are always willing to help. Consistently listening to their customers and teaming up with excellent providers created the cornerstone of success for The Brooks Collection.

IMC Companies (Mark H. George)

IMC Logistics, LLC is not just another truck company. As the largest marine drayage company in the U.S., IMC boasts some 2700 team members, with 2200 drivers. Founded in 1982 by Mark George, IMC is always on the move, always growing and never afraid to evolve and change. With a core business including drayage, storage facilities strategically located near most ports and rail terminals in the U.S., expedited delivery to increase efficiency in the logistics process of clients, and expansive transloading capabilities, IMC has empowered leaders to help build the business  – from executives to truck drivers and customers. Sharing the success is a central aspect of the company’s philosophy and one of the many reasons for IMC’s phenomenal growth through the years.

Maximus Building Supply (Richard Cooper)

Richard Cooper has embraced hard work from his earliest days. Working in the automotive industry, he became the youngest manager in the nation for Firestone. In 1997 he stepped into the building supply industry when he joined Thrifty Building Supply as a salesman. In 2015 he became a partner, and in 2021 he bought out his partner. A year later Cooper decided to re-brand the company as Maximus Building Supply – now a major supplier to some of the biggest builders in the area. Cooper had accomplished a lot in a few short years, but a lot was not enough. Within the span of his ownership, Maximus has grown from 92 to 134 employees, five locations, and has distinct plans for even more locations in the future.

Pickler Companies (David Pickler)

David Pickler knew from the start that it wasn’t just about building a successful law practice. It was about making a difference. After receiving his law degree, a secure and lucrative future with a large corporation seemed the reality, but Pickler had a different idea. Within a few short years, Pickler had assembled a team and located office space. The Pickler Companies were off and running. Combining services to meet customers’ wide range of financial and life needs, the Pickler Companies encompass Pickler Wealth Advisers, the Pickler Law Firm, Pickler Accounting Advisors and Pickler Events. Along the way, Pickler founded the American Public Education Foundation, dedicated to ensuring America’s economic and national security through public education. David Pickler and the Pickler Companies. Making a difference.

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