NOMINEE NARRATIVES 2022: Health Care Provider of the Year

The Health Care Provider of the Year Nominees

Eye Specialty Group

Eye Specialty Group has “been in the Memphis community for 54 years, but moved to Collierville seven years ago,” explains Thomas Brown, CEO of the company. This location has been successful ever since. “We are able to serve a population not in Memphis with this location, explains Thomas. For example, there is better access to those in Lakeland in Northern Mississippi. Care in this area is vitally important as Memphis is part of the ‘glaucoma belt,’ an eye disease that affects vision.

Eye Specialty Group operates under the guiding mission of “Save Sight. Save Vision.” They cover almost all aspects of eye and vision diseases. The provider recruits “innovative, young doctors who deliver quality care.” “They are driven to prevent disease and put the patient’s eye needs first,” explains the CEO. And it’s a great time to be in healthcare as many “transformative” ways of practicing (and helping patients be healthy) are developing. These new ways are key to future healthcare needs.

To ensure great eye health, other parts of the health cannot be overlooked. Thomas credits other healthcare providers in the area to make this possible. “It’s a collaborative approach between health care, patient, and surgeons to help patients not be sick,” says Thomas. It’s a team effort to ensure good community health, and eye care is part of that.

Eye Specialty Group Website 

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is a premier health institution in Memphis. Beginning in 1923, a local sewing club started ‘The Le Bonheur Club” (French for ‘good hour’). As a result of their determination and hard work, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital has grown to be one of the top kid’s hospitals in the country. Today, as for the past 100 years, “everything we do begins with the child’s best interest,” says Michael Wiggins, President of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Michael is enthusiastic about the other nominees and is super appreciative of each one’s work in the community. It makes Le Bonheur’s work better when it is surrounded by such wonderful health organizations, and many of the medical staff have connections with each other (another great partnership with local health organizations). “We are better because of them,” Wiggins explains. There is “world-class care in the community” and everyone benefits from it.

Michael explains the importance of this great staff to undergo such life-changing and sometimes sensitive work. Because of this aspect, the staff is not only helping with medical needs but also emotionally invested in the patients. They go above and beyond outside the hospital. Le Bonheur also helps families located outside this area with their FedEx Family House. It’s an “incredibly attractive mission to people, and we need to recruit the right people who keep children at the center.”

The economic impacts of Le Bonheur cannot be overstated. Not only do they offer around 3,000 good paying jobs to employees, but in the longer term, healthy children become productive society members. “We are giving economic opportunities to the next generation.”

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital looks forward to opening a new Collierville clinic soon.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Website


OrthoSouth started in 2019 because of a merger between three Memphis orthopedic companies: OrthoMemphis, Memphis Orthopedics, and Taber Orthopedics. The merger became a “catalyst for OrthoSouth’s identity in elevating the customer’s experience in orthopedic health care, explains Melissa Kandel, Director of Marketing for the company.

They have 8 clinic locations, 2 surgery centers, and 9 physical therapy-specific clinics. OrthoSouth has “high-quality health care providers” that focus on primary care, surgical needs, and orthopedic specialists. They always have the patient in mind when making decisions about locations and staff. “We want to intelligently expand access to people when and where they need it,” says Melissa. Accessibility and convenience are key. That all goes back to their true “North Star” of their mission: excellent customer experience. OrthoSouth consistently “distinguishes ourselves by adding the customer service part into the mix that’s not always in health care.”

Melissa also acknowledges the importance of quality and accessible health care. It enhances “the quality of life of a community when everyone has access.” OrthoSouth looks to be a part of that plan every day. “We are hyper focused on a great patient experience. We want every patient to have 5- star service.”

OrthoSouth Website

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is the city’s public health institution. Led by Chancellor Peter Buckley, MD (the 11th Chancellor of the UTHSC), the entire system encompasses six colleges: Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Health Professions, Nursing, medicine, and Pharmacy. It’s the largest educator of health care professionals across the state. Their influence impacts all major hospitals in Memphis and Tennessee.

The mission of UTHSC is to “improve the health of all who call Tennessee home.” This statement drives the UTHSC and its employees every day. While maintaining an incredible current presence in the area, the college also has 3,100 + and 380 + researchers working on solutions for tomorrow. UTHSC boasts 1,266 total affiliations and connections with the Collierville community. Several prominent Collierville companies help UTHSC’s mission by being Corporate Exchange members, including the Chamber of Commerce.

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