Be a Mentor with Collierville Schools


Collierville, Tenn.,  Oct. 1, 2021 – Collierville Schools BAM Program is a mentoring program that pairs an administrator, faculty or staff member, or a community member with a student to provide support and encouragement for educational success and foster social and emotional development and growth. The BAM stands for Be A Mentor!

All mentoring is done on the school campus and during school hours in order to accommodate all students.

What does mentoring look like?

  • Establishing a positive relationship with your mentee
  • Maintaining consistent contact with your mentee throughout the school year
  • Collaborating and identifying both areas of strength and areas to improve
  • Assisting the mentee in the development of goals, both academically andpersonally
  • Encouraging positive school success skills
  • Building positive peer relations and social skills
  • Developing a healthy self-esteem
  • Instilling a positive attitude towards school and education
  • Promoting academic success
  • A smile, a handshake, a note of encouragement, or a kind word

Other ideas:

  • Reading with your mentee
  • Leaving a positive note for your mentee
  • Eating lunch with your mentee
  • Offering encouraging words about an upcoming test, sporting event, etc.
  • Celebrating your mentee and their accomplishments


Mentoring would include meeting on a weekly basis or every other week, helping your student engage in positive relationships and attitudes towards school, sharing career information, and more. To be a mentor, fill out this for HERE and forward it to Bailee Vick, FRC Liaison, at