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TN Rep Kevin Vaughan Addresses Monthly Membership Meeting

Collierville Chamber of Commerce welcomed Kevin Vaughan, TN House Rep, District 95, as their guest speaker at November’s Monthly Membership Meeting held at First Baptist Church of Collierville on November 8.

Board Chairman Jimmy Turner gave a hearty thanks to Simply Done Catering’s fine Thanksgiving fare and welcomed elected officials and civic leaders in the audience, before relinquishing the podium to Chamber President and CEO Mark Heuberger. After a brief introduction of new Chamber members, Heuberger offered the stage to Patriot Bank’s Charles Brasfield and Collierville High School Principal Roger Jones to present the Student of the Month. Brasfield noted that this was the third academic year the bank has had the privilege of sponsoring the Student of the Month.

Citing Kristy Yeung’s driving passion of “helping those around her to achieve their potential,” Jones outlined the student’s many achievements: 4.74 GPA, her 15 A.P. hours; 7th in the senior class; membership in the 30+ ACT Club; A.P. Scholar, and her participating in varsity lacrosse. She also has been chosen to attend the Governor’s School. From membership in a variety of academic clubs, her volunteer work with Hands to Hearts, and being a member of the Homecoming Court, Kristy Yeung reflects commitment to education and passion to help others. She is currently scouting colleges and plans on a career in business and computer science.

Collierville First Baptist Church served as the day’s luncheon sponsor, and Executive Pastor Sam Nichols spent a few moments speaking about his church. Using a variety of historical and current photos, Nichols outlined the history of his church, noting the correlation between church growth and the growth of the town of Collierville. He noted the church’s mission work, both abroad and on a local level.

TN State Representative Ron Gant, 94th District, a professional cohort and personal friend of Kevin Vaughan, offered a story of deep friendship and Kevin’s kindness after Ron suffered a life-threatening car accident last year. He then gave a brief overview of Vaughan’s background before welcoming him to the podium.

Vaughan, who serves as the Commerce Chair of the House, has insight as to the state of the economy In Tennessee and notes the GDP of $486b and 3.5% growth seen over the past year. He admits that things are likely to slow over the next year but continues to have confidence. “People like doing business in Tennessee” and notes, “I try to keep government out of business’s way.” Zeroing in on the local environment, he pointed to state grant money that has been earmarked for Collierville’s transportation. needs. Vaughan admitted to continuing to push for simplification of taxes for small businesses. Addressing the Covenant School shooting earlier this year, he pointed to the monies apportioned directly to education to upgrades in security measures and security personnel.

Speaking of subjects currently under discussion in the state legislature, Vaughan mentioned an examination of controlling local property tax increases; a closer evaluation of the efficacy of sentencing of juvenile offenders, and the possible privatization of some regulatory agencies.

Finally, commenting on subjects that simply are “on Kevin’s mind,” he noted the need for greater directness with the City of Memphis’s use of state monies and questions regarding the future funding of The Med.