Five Industry Leaders Reflect on 2020

Christmas carols, twinkling lights and decorated storefront are all signs that the holidays are around the corner. As the holidays emerge, we are reminded to stop and reflect on the joys, challenges and opportunities of the year.

This season, the Collierville business community remembers the hardworking staff and loyal customers who went out of their way to show up. They bought gift cards, ordered curbside pickup, followed safety precautions and offered limitless words of encouragement.

From public administration to health and wellness, these industries share their perspectives on 2020 and their gratitude to each and everyone who supported them along the way.

Public Administration Industry: Mayor Stan Joyner and State Representative Kevin Vaughan

 Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner says that the Town Administration learned how to work remotely and creatively this year.

“Many jobs could not be performed remotely so an extra level of care was required to keep our employees and the public safe. For example, we learned how to manage Public Meetings with greater transparency, which is something we always strive to accomplish,” Joyner says.

The Town Administration feels equipped to handle year two of the pandemic.

“The pandemic will not end with 2020, but last year’s accomplishments will help us as we move into 2021,” says Joyner.

State Representative Kevin Vaughan thanks the people behind the scenes who worked hard to keep the economy running.

“Shout to all of the bankers who worked tirelessly to administer the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). That program was the lifeblood of many small businesses,” Vaughan says.

Vaughan also offers advice to other business professionals navigating COVID-19. Like the Mayor, Vaughan believes creativity is key.

“My advice for businesses is to remain agile and nimble in the future. Sometimes the worst does happen, but those who adapt can survive and flourish,” Vaughan says.

Going forward, local officials continue to push the “Stay Safe, Stay Open” campaign.

“I encourage the business community and citizens to remain vigilant and keep its guard up. Please continue to wear a mask, social distance, wash hands and practice cough and sneeze etiquette. COVID-19 is not gone yet, but let’s be encouraged by the promise of a vaccine,” Joyner says.

Health & Wellness Industry: Germantown Day Spa

In the world of social distancing, the health and wellness industry had to quickly pivot its operations. For Robyn Tyler, owner of Germantown Day Spa, that was not a problem.

“The encouragement and empathy I received from staff, clients and friends was overwhelming. Clients would call just to check on my team. Some even wanted to pay for services they were not able to receive because of safety restrictions,” Tyler says.

Tyler’s community-based business approach turned out to be a lifesaver for her small business.

“In 2021, I hope we are able to reconnect more and fully enjoy each other again. Our business is about people. We aim to make our customers feel good about themselves, but that can be hard while fears and restrictions are looming. We are eager to hold events and show our appreciation to the community again,” Tyler says. 

Restaurant Industry: Lost Pizza Co.

Tim Gaines, owner of Lost Pizza Co., reflects on how the “to-go” trend forever changed how his restaurant does business.

“We have faced many challenges in 2020… one of which is how we essentially do business. Our restaurant, in the past, has seen the bulk of our revenue come from dining in. 2020 has changed that. Now we see the bulk of our sales coming from customers picking up food. Our management team has had to come together with ideas on how best to handle this change. We have seen the benefit of idea exchange between our restaurants, and we have implemented a quarterly meeting with both management teams to share these ideas and make sure we are all doing what is necessary to help grow our business,” Gaines says.

The transition was a catalyst for change. In the end, the Lost Pizza team became stronger, learning how to successfully communicate and problem solve in the face of a global pandemic.

“I don’t think we would be here without the help of the PPP plan that was implemented by the government. That was a huge boost that helped us get through the toughest part of the shutdown. That along with the chamber and our amazing customers have helped us get to this point. We appreciate everyone who supports us so much,” Gaines says.

Manufacturing Industry: Mueller Industries Inc.

Mueller Industries, Inc. has also spent more time examining and rethinking its business practices. The results prove to be rewarding.

According to the Daily Memphian, Mueller Industries reported a 46% increase in third-quarter earnings in October. The boost in revenue was due to higher copper prices and recently acquired businesses.

“Time will tell whether or not the pandemic has changed the manufacturing for good. Either way, I believe we will walk away, having learned some good lessons about relationships, productivity and travel expenses,” says Jack Treas, Mueller’s VP of Strategic Resources.

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