Looking for a Collierville Business? Use the App!

Collierville Chamber of Commerce Goes Live with “Experience Collierville”

The Collierville Chamber of Commerce has gone live with “Experience Collierville”, a new app for smartphones and tablets that puts information about Chamber-member businesses at your fingertip. “Helping our member businesses thrive is our core goal in everything we do at the Chamber,” says Mark Heuberger, president & CEO, Collierville Chamber of Commerce. “As we all continue staying apart together through these unprecedented times in our lives, this app provides a safe, secure and quick way to find the products and services you need from the local businesses you love supporting.”

The all-inclusive app separates those businesses into four main categories: Shop; Dine; Services; and Wellness. Once a category is selected, the app will navigate the user to a selection of local business types under the chosen category. Another touch of a finger and a library of business listings will appear under that specific category. “We wanted the app to be as intuitive as possible and easy for users to drill down to the business they need,” says Heuberger. “The app also delivers an added value for both business owners and consumers.”

“Experience Collierville” is a multi-functional app that creates an electronic platform allowing participating businesses to advertise to their customers. “Consumers who download the app can receive point-of-purchase material, special promotion information or store coupons electronically,” says Heuberger. “It’s an immediate way to deliver and receive a business’s advertising information while simultaneously reducing our community’s environmental footprint.”

Collierville resident Kimberly Foster downloaded the app recently and gave it a thorough review. “Experience Collierville’ will provide an added benefit to Chamber member businesses,” says Foster, who has maintained “Shop Collierville Tennessee”, a Facebook page supporting the Collierville business community since 2014. “By being accessible on a device that almost everyone carries with them constantly, businesses can ensure they are reaching customers every moment of the day. I will certainly recommend that local business owners utilize this resource.”

The app is free, and Chamber member business owners and consumers across the Collierville and greater Mid-South region are encouraged to download it from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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