“Experience Collierville” to Connect Mid-South to Collierville Businesses

Business searches will become easier with new app

Finding local businesses in Collierville, Tenn., is much easier for consumers on thanks to “Experience Collierville,” a new app being launched through the Collierville Chamber of Commerce.

Once downloaded, the app will allow tablet or smartphone users to search for any Collierville-based business in a matter of seconds with the touch of a finger. Once users select a category, a subset of specific shop, dine service or wellness businesses appear. After a subset is selected to refine the search, users can scroll down using business logos for reference until the specific business is found. They may also search for a business by typing the name in the search field at the top of the page.

With the recent completion of Interstate 269 linking with SR 385, Collierville became much more accessible to consumers across the Mid-South and beyond. “This important corridor now provides more direct access to our town and our business community, and we believe this ‘Experience Collierville’ app will be an invaluable tool that will further connect thousands of consumers to our area businesses,” says Mark Heuberger, president and CEO, Collierville Chamber of Commerce.
The 2010 census reported Collierville had a population of nearly 44,000, but the Chamber estimates that number has grown to nearly 52,000 today. “Our town has enjoyed considerable retail expansion and despite the challenges currently being placed on all businesses from the pandemic, residents in Collierville and surrounding communities understand that shopping locally really makes a difference toward sustaining our town’s business growth,” adds Heuberger.

Dining establishments will also benefit from the app as many consumers yearn for someone else to do the cooking after being sheltered in their homes for so long. “I anticipate downloading the app, seeing the functions it offers, and how it can help me as I shop,” says 20-year Collierville resident, Lynn Sewell. “I love to shop, and I really like shopping locally to support our area businesses. If this app can help me save time finding a specific business when I need it, I look forward to using it and commend the Chamber for their efforts.”

A secondary effect of the pandemic has been a dramatic increase in home improvement projects. “That trend continues today, and this app will help consumers quickly find the service and/or retail providers they need no matter if the projects are related to landscaping, renovating their home or anything in between,” concludes Heuberger.

The Experience Collierville app is free and may be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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