Dawn Graeter is the President and CEO of six-branch Southern Security Federal Credit Union. She has not only succeeded in the financial industry but she continues to lead a recording-breaking team, year after year. The future of Southern Security is bigger and brighter than ever. Dawn and her team will begin construction on their new headquarters located in Collierville, Tennessee in 2022 and move their operations center, call center and leadership team to the new building.

1:55 – Dawn talks about growing up in Millington and the relationships that come from a small town.

2:55 – Dawn walks us down her career path, from working in her father’s furniture store to becoming a CEO of a major credit union.

“Be confident in who you are. Make sure, along the way, you listen and learn from everyone you interact with. My father taught me that.”

4:40 – Dawn talks to fellow mothers about ways to manage a work-life balance. Friday family nights, where someone gets to plan their ideal night, is one of the many traditions she’s adopted throughout the years.

“Women are always told they can’t be successful at both (being a wife and mom) and I tell them that’s just not true.”

7:00 – Mentoring women is part of Dawn’s passion, and she carries that over to her team at Southern Security.

8:30 – Dawn reflects on her early career and what it was like entering into a male-dominated industry. She shares advice for other working women with similar experiences.

“I always tell people it’s really not what you give, it’s about being present.”

11:45 Southern Security Federal Credit Union is launching a new headquarters.

15:00 – What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank?

“We work with individuals and meet them wherever they are in their financial journey.”

18:40 – Dawn talks about the gift of financial peace and the impact that has on employees.

“We consider ourselves an HR benefit.”

23:30 – Dawn discusses the power of connections, mentors, and teams.

“Every day when you go to work, it goes back to, ‘Are you that person that people want to be in your team?’”

26:10 – Don’t think you know it all. Dawn shoutouts some of her greatest career influences.

28:40 – The new Southern Security headquarters is not just a credit union. It’s a coffee shop, tech hub, and gathering place. Dawn explains why Southern Security went in this direction.

“We want our headquarters to be a part of the neighborhood because that is who we are.”


Learn more about Southern Security Federal Credit Union here:

Website – https://www.southernsecurity.org

Facebook –@Southern Security Federal Credit Union

Instagram – @southern_security_fcu

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