Congressman David Kustoff of Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District Speaks at the Collierville Chamber of Commerce’s “Next Normal Community Leaders Forum”

Kustoff offers a Washington, D.C. perspective on COVID-19 and the economy

U.S. Congressman David Kustoff of the 8th Congressional District of Tennessee addressed members of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce and guests at the Bank of Collierville on Tuesday August 25. Kustoff offered a Washington, D.C. perspective at the Chamber’s “Next Normal and Beyond: A Community Leaders Forum.”

After brief introductory remarks by Mark Heuberger, President of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce, McCall Wilson of the Bank of Collierville welcomed attendees and expressed his gratitude to Congressman Kustoff for his service, leadership and responsiveness through the years.

Kustoff addressed a wide range of issues, including COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program and the balancing act that Congress has been required to take as they measure their responses to the needs of the country.

Among concerns addressed by Kustoff was the current debate along party lines over the amount of future paycheck protection.He admitted that balancing the needs of different communities and cost of living across the country was a difficult matter. Additionally, he gave credit to financial institutions and the huge task they accomplished assisting small businesses with emergency loans from the federal government. He also suggested that he and his colleagues are working to bring liability protection included to any new financial assistance legislation. He pointed to the shifting requirements mandated during COVID and the burden placed on businesses. “We don’t want small businesses looking over their shoulders.”

Representative Kustoff addressed the current environment of law enforcement, and while calling out George Floyd’s death as horrific, he went on to offer his thanks to those serving and stated that 98% of law enforcement officers are honorable and face tremendous challenges.

The Congressman inquired of several attendees about how their business was doing, how their customers are feeling about the economy and he asked some specific questions of small business owners in the room about the impact of the Paycheck Protection Program on their business.

Prior to fielding questions from the audience, Kustoff concluded his formal remarks with comments about his own job. “It is an honor to do this job,” he commented and described three specific questions he asks himself on every issue: 1. Is it in the best interest of the country? 2. How will it affect my constituency? 3. What does the Constitution have to say about the matter?

Mark Heuberger concluded the meeting by presenting a brief video produced by the Collierville Chamber called “Why Collierville” that highlights the positive economic, logistical, and educational aspects of Collierville. The Collierville Chamber has produced a series of four economic development videos that are featured on the Chamber’s website and are used as marketing and recruitment tools.

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