Back to Business Framework Announced

It goes without saying that the past weeks, which are becoming months, have been difficult for us as individuals and as a community. As clarity starts to emerge, businesses will reopen their doors soon. The City of Memphis, Shelby County Government, and the six suburban municipalities today announced a plan to get Shelby County residents safely back-to-business. While the community should remain vigilant about adhering to social distancing guidelines and hygiene practices, local governments felt it was time to safely start introducing measures that alleviate some burdens on the economy — while also balancing the need to protect our citizens. A phased approach, informed by data and constantly monitored and adjusted, will be used to get us safely back-to-business.

The Back to Business Framework Documents for Shelby County are included below:




At this time there is NO specific date of when reopening will begin in Phase One. Data is being monitored daily by the Shelby County Health Department to determine when the 14-day downward trajectory presents a safe point to begin Phase One. We are in the “current phase” outlined in the sector grid document.

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