An Afternoon at StoryPoint

Walking into StoryPoint Senior Living, you get the refreshing sense that you’re not just at another retirement home. It’s much more than that.

In spring 2021, StoryPoint opened its doors to Collierville residents. And with open doors, came open arms. Spearheaded by people like Mandi Burns, Business Development Specialist, the community cultivates intentionality in every room, from the bistro to the art studio to the movie theater.

“StoryPoint is not just a place where our residents lay their heads. It’s a community where we can come together and fellowship. We have each other’s backs and share smiles, laughs, and life stories. It’s a place where our residents can explore, grow, and learn from one another. I would go a step further and say that we are a family,” Mandi reflects.

The first time I visited StoryPoint was last April for the grand opening of its new, full-service salon. A friendly receptionist greeted me at the door and proudly led me around the hall to a room filled with balloons, salon-themed cookies, and excited people.

Many of the residents already had an appointment; some were hoping to switch up their hairdo, while others were excited for a fresh manicure.

It was a day to celebrate the newest addition to the little community they all call home. In the background, you could hear people mingling and laughing, exchanging jokes or stories from long ago.

After the party, Mandi offered to show me around. Our first stop was the kitchen, one of her favorite spots. Lined with windows, the kitchen is an interactive experience that allows residents to watch their food being prepared first-hand. The design encourages residents to be involved in every aspect of the community and gives them something to look forward to with each meal service.

“Everything we do is with our residents in mind, and when it comes to our dining services, our Executive Chefs don’t just cook — they create true culinary experiences,” Mandi notes. “We use residents’ feedback and preferences to craft menus with multiple options they will enjoy, including meals that accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and needs.”

According to her, happy hour at the bistro is the place to be. I believe it.

She guided me to the fitness center next, then to the art studio where guests can come and go as they please. Residents often congregate in the art studio for community service projects. Whether they are making valentines or cards for Collierville students, each handmade piece instills a greater purpose within them.

“We are 100% resident-focused. Every day, our goal is to create meaningful connections, whether that means taking an afternoon scenic drive on the community shuttle or having a simple bible study,” explains Mandi.

Mandi also laughs about the time they delivered snacks door-to-door dressed as a unicorn.

For her, this is more than just a job.

“If I can’t help our residents, my purpose and my calling is to find someone who can. It’s the most rewarding career because every day, I am interacting with people who have paved the way for my future. If you want to learn something, sit down and have an intentional conversation with a senior. The wisdom and memories they share will always be with me,” Mandi smiles.


Learn more about StoryPoint Collierville by calling 901-286-4290 or visiting its website here.

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