Amish Excellence: Time-Proven Craftsmanship

For a modern storefront business, Amish Excellence reflects an atmosphere of quiet elegance and master craftsmanship that you might expect in a much older establishment. Owner Steve Green reflects the same quiet, understated manner as does his showroom.

Like any business, Amish Excellence was a bit of a risk, but, according to Green, opening the store “was the best business decision I’ve ever made.” Coming from a background of the hurly-burly world of restaurant management, Green and his wife Annette, a nurse at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, opened the doors four years ago this September.

The Amish Excellence showroom offers a
magnificent display of clean, elegant design married to the practical and functional world of old-style craftsmanship. The beauty of the solid wood furniture offers a glimpse into the care and professionalism exhibited by the 70 Amish families across the United States who use time-honored techniques to construct each piece of furniture.

Green comments proudly, “All of our furniture is solid hardwood.” You won’t find particle board, pressed wood or lesser-quality veneer placed over cheaper materials. And, all the wood comes from trees grown in the U.S.

Shelves, chairs, entertainment centers, beds, hutches and a complete line
of furniture is available, and each piece is custom-made. The customer chooses the wood, the stain color, the knobs and the pulls. If there’s fabric involved, there’s a whole line to choose from. “Nothing,” Green states matter- of-factly, “comes from a factory.” There are approximately a dozen varieties of wood for the customer to choose from.

Dining tables seem to take center stage at the store and for good reason. The richness and beauty of the wood compels the visitor to study the grain and to marvel at the finely-shaped edges and skirts. The tables come in both solid tops, or with two to four leaves. Green is quick to demonstrate just how easy it is for one person to open and close the table, using the gear slides. It’s just one more example of the detailed engineering and pride of Amish construction reflected throughout the entire store.

If you’re looking for a reminder of ages-old craftsmanship, with a superb balance of functionality and beauty, do yourself a favor and stop into Amish Excellence for a visit with Steve Green. Sometimes a simple reminder of simple sophistication is the perfect break from the rapid nature of our world.

Amish Excellence is located at 3601 S. Houston Levee, Suite 106.

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