A Conversation with Todd Lochner

Todd Lochner is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in Marketing. During his freshman year in college, he joined the Louisiana Army National Guard. Shortly after graduating from college, Todd moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue a career in singing. Discovering quickly that the wheels of Music Row turn very slowly, he decided to sell cars to pay the bills; it was then he discovered his passion for the retail automotive industry.

Over the past 25+ years, Todd has held several positions including Sales Associate, Finance Manager, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager, General Sales Manager, Director of Used Car Operations (for 9 stores), and General Manager. During Todd’s tenure, he has managed to substantially grow the departments he has overseen and is known for streamlining processes and procedures to increase production, efficiency, and profitability. He is an award-winning manager with a proven sales record who encompasses extensive sales knowledge, coupled with creative ideas for product applications and a solid history of training personnel for success.

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