A Conversation with Nick Bolander

Nick Bolander is the owner of Staks! Pancake Kitchen in Collierville, one of the first franchise locations of the breakfast + brunch spot in the country. Originally from Nebraska with a background in aviation, Nick’s always had a fascination with the ‘bustling atmosphere of restaurants.’ After much persuading of his wife, they dove head first into the Staks! Restaurant, which opened in April 2023. According to Nick, “Staks aspires to be the premier place in Collierville for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Beyond the great food and service, we also strive to be champions of the Collierville community.” On top of his time in the restaurant business, Nick is also a captain and instructor pilot at FedEx, flying the Boeing 767.

He and his wife, Michaela, have four beautiful children, Alina, Vincent, Theo, and Louis. His family loves to travel, in particular visiting family in Omaha. Nick also has an ‘unyielding fascination’ with golf, so one can find him on the golf course 3-4 times a week.

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