A Conversation with Dr. Mary McDonald

Dr. Mary Crowley McDonald is the Founder and CEO of MCD Partners, a national consulting firm that provides a broad range of services for educational, business, and leadership consulting with a presence in 34 states.   Dr. McDonald has received national acclaim as an innovative educator, published author, and public speaker.  She has been a professional educator for thirty-six years as a teacher, principal, and most recently, as Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Memphis for fourteen years. She left this position in June 2012, in order to start her own business, MCD Partners Consulting. As Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Memphis, Dr. McDonald was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the system of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Memphis, as well as for the creation of the Jubilee Catholic Schools, eight long-closed Catholic schools that were reopened in the inner-city of Memphis under her leadership.

Dr. McDonald is very involved in the community, locally as well as nationally.  Dr. McDonald is the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of her work in education, entrepreneurship, and community service. Dr. McDonald and her husband, Joe, have two adult children and six grandchildren.

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