5 Tips For Loving Local

Behind every small business is a little character. Whether it be the lively business owners or the personal touches of an old storefront, your local small business is a reflection of the community that supports it.

This week is National Small Business Week, and if there was ever a time to support your neighborhood mom-and-pop shop, it’s now. So, stroll on over to C.J. Lilly & Company for some fresh flowers, pick out a Mother’s Day gift from Brooks Collection or relax with a drink from Hook Point Brewing. 

From shopping to sharing, here are 5 ways to support small business:

1. Be Social

According to BIA Advisory Services, 77.6% of small businesses report using social media to promote their business. And Facebook is the top used platform, across the board.

That’s why one of the best ways to support small businesses is by “liking,” commenting, or sharing their posts. Google and Facebook reviews are other useful tools for leveraging your influence.

2. Got skills?

If you’ve ever worked at a small business, you know the owner sometimes does it all, from book-keeping to advertising. Naturally, they are the brains behind the business, but they probably wouldn’t mind the extra hands either, especially if you just so happen to be a lawyer, accountant, or digital specialist. Don’t be afraid to reach out and offer your skills!

3. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe:

We’ve all seen it somewhere – that little “SUBSCRIBE” button, innocently asking for your name and email address. Go for it! Chances are it’s your gateway to flash sales, new products, and exciting business news.

4. Shop small

When you shop locally, you actively invest in your community by encouraging economic development. Plus, small businesses offer greater product diversity and friendlier customer services. Really, small businesses are the whole package.

5. One final TIP

If you can, tip generously. Kindness goes a long way.

For a list of small businesses in every industry, visit the Collierville Chamber’s business directory here.

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