Collierville Chamber Offers Free App to Help You Track Occupancy

Are you needing to keep count of customers entering and exiting your establishment to adhere to the local and state government Back-to Business Framework? The Chamber has a free solution for you!

Eric Burden, a Shelby County resident, has graciously offered his KeepCount App for the use of Collierville Chamber members for free. No strings attached. “For me, this is an opportunity to give back to my community.  I only hope that this application will make this trying time a bit easier to navigate,” says Burden.

KeepCount is a web-based application that provides a reliable and convenient alternative to traditional paper- or clicker-based approaches. The app is easy to use, allowing your employees to quickly create a ‘counter’ (an ongoing count representing the number of people in an establishment), share the counter with any number of other users/employees, and record the number of people entering and leaving your establishment. It also makes transferring the ‘counter’ at shift changes a breeze by merely sharing the counter name or a QR code with the next employee.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this free “Keep Count App”

Click here to download a full description on the product and download instructions.

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