Love on a Local Level. Shop Collierville!

It goes without saying that the past weeks, which are becoming months, have been difficult for us as individuals and as a community. Our health, finances and freedoms have been challenged, and we’ve experienced fear, uncertainty and loss. And yet, as we are facing adversity on a global level, we are seeing some of the best that humanity has to offer on a local level.

First, let me express gratitude to the citizens of Collierville for working hard to keep our area safe, to help where it’s been needed and to support those providing care on the front lines. Thank you for showing us what community means and what resilience looks like.

Meanwhile, the Collierville Chamber has been working hard to counsel businesses and to assist in the loan-seeking process by providing resources, by connecting individuals with lenders and by walking folks through gathering the necessary documentation. If your business needs loan advice or assistance, please call us at 901.853.1949.

As clarity begins to emerge, we believe that businesses will reopen their doors soon, and we want to be prepared for this eventuality by looking towards the future. Therefore, the Chamber has several upcoming member events that we invite you to add to your calendar. It is our hope that these events will serve as time to reconnect and reinvigorate our Collierville business community leaders.

(Please note that we will follow statewide health and hygiene recommendations for these meetings and events.)

May 27 – General Membership Luncheon
June 18 – Women’s Leadership Luncheon
June 23 – Party on the Patio: Love on a Local Level. Shop Collierville
July 20 – Chamber Annual Golf Tournament

With this letter you will find a promotional piece called “Love on a Local Level. Shop Collierville.” This will be positioned in our marketing, our social media, and events. All of our efforts for the foreseeable future will be grounded in this theme of helping each other strengthen, rebuild and move forward.

For the past forty years, the Chamber has served as a foundational business resource for Collierville, but we are only as strong as our membership. We ask at this time that you consider the value that comes with maintaining your status with the Chamber whose purpose is to promote, connect, educate and advocate for you and your business. Thank you for your continued support of the Chamber.

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